Hier findet Ihr ein Buch welches ich für dieses Genre interessant finde...

Status: bearbeitet/ergänzt 25.3.2019 - Etliche Stories kommen in verschiedenen Ausgaben vor - es wird jeweils nur 1 Erscheinung angezeigt, wobei dann dort auf weitere Vorkommen hingewiesen wird!
... and it comes out here

10,000 light-years from home
Abe Lincoln in McDonald's
Absent thee from felicity awhile...
Absolutely inflexible

A bulletin from the trustees
A change in the weather
Adjustment team

Adjustment team and other classic stories
A good knight's work
A gun for dinosaur

A little something for us tempunauts
All the time in the world
All the traps of earth, and other stories

All you zombies
A little something for us tempunauts
A loint of paw
A meeting with Medusa

A mogla by i byt'
And it comes out here
An evening in H.G.'s drawing room

An infinite summer
Die Stories werden nicht besonders gekennzeichnet. Anthologien werden mit kenntlich gemacht! [1510]
Annals of the time patrol
April in Paris
A separate war

Aristotle and the gun
A shape in time
A stitch in time
A thief in time
A two-timer
Behold the man
Best Science Fiction Stories of Brian Aldiss
Best stories of H.G. Wells
Bird in the hand
Birth of a notion
Black box
Born of man and woman

Brave to be a king
Breakfast at twilight 

Brooklyn project
By his bootstraps
Cage of sand

Callahan's crosstime saloon
Captive market

Cea mai buna dintre lumi
Child by Chronos
Citizen in Space
City of the dreadful night
Commander in the mist
Common time
Compounded interest
Consider her ways

Count the clock that tells the time
Courier of chaos
Criminal record

Dead city
Dear Charles
Death in a cage
Delayed action
Delenda Est
Dinosaur on a bicycle
Disappearing act

Divine madness

Doatomoe sostojanie
Dotjanut` do okeana

Dzienniki gwiazdowe
Dziwny gosc profesora Tarantogi

Earth is room enough
Earth's other shadow

E for Effort
Espejos paralelos
Film library
Final muster
First time machine
Forever to a Hudson Bay blanket
Fuga in spatiu-timp
Galactic cluster
Galactic consumer report No. 1: Inexpensive time machines
Galactic Empires volume two
Getting away

Gibraltar falls
Green brother

Hall of mirrors
Hatching season

Hawk among the sparrows
Hawksbill Station

Her smoke rose up forever
H.G. Wells' time machine universe
Himself in Anachron

Hobson's choice
Homer's secret
Honeymoon in hell
Houston, Houston, do you read?

I am tomorrow
I have my Vigil
Il limpido trascorrere del tempo
I mondi meravigliosi di Casey Deiss
In the World's dusk
I remember Oblivion
Ivory, and apes, and peacocks
Iz nevydumannych rasskazov zaslužennogo voditelja vremjachodov dal'nego sledovanija Nikolaja Loikžina
James P. Crow
Jon's world
Judas dancing / Judas danced
Lambda I and other stories
La vraie mort de Marat
Le temps des surprises
Let's go to Golgatha!
Letters from Laura
Light of other days
Line to tomorrow
ne to tomorrow

Lost ground
Malignant marauder
Man in his time
Many mansions
Mimsy were the borogoves
Mouth of hell
Mozart in mirrorshades
My object all sublime
Myths of the near future
Myths of the near future

Nebula Award Stories 8
Netlennyj Luč
Noc księżycowa
Not for an age
No time like the future
Not so certain
Novelets of Science Fiction
Obsidianovyj nož
Of time and cats
Of time and Third Avenue
Okno v beskonečnost'
Orpheus with clay feet
Ostrov mužestva
Out of the aeon(s)
Out of the eons

Palely loitering
Paris conquers all
Plague circuit
Podroi dwunasta
Poezdka v Penfield
Polska nowela fantastyczna
Poor little warrior
Private eye
Prize ship
Project Mastodon
Prominent author
Return journey
Rotating cylinders and the possibility of global causality violation
Rogue star
Sailing to Byzantium
Sam, this is you
Sands of time 
Sberkassa vremeni
Second variety
Seven conquests
Service call
Slaves of time
Slips take over
Small deer

Sneak previews
Soldier Boy
Space, Time and Nathaniel
Stalking the sun
Star, bright

Star of the sea
Stitch in time

Sto trzydzieści siedem sekund
Szczur w llabiryncie
Szczur w llabiryncie
Tak načinajutsja navodnenija
Tales of ten worlds
Target one

Ten thousand light-years from home (1)
Ten thousand light-years from home (2)
That hell-bound train
The 13 crimes of science fiction
The 60 minute zoom
The 1986 annual world's best SF
The 1990 annual world's best SF
The agent
The anvil of time
The awakening
The best horror stories from the Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction
The best of C.L. Moore
The best of Cordwainer Smith
The best of Fredric Brown
The best of Isaac Asimov
The best of Philip K. Dick
The best of Poul Anderson
The best Science Fiction of the year #10  #11
The boy who waterskied to forever
The caltraps of time
The challenge from beyond

The chronoclasm
The classic Philip José Farmer 1952-1964
The collected stories of PKD - Beyond lies the Wub
The collected stories of PKD - Second variety
The collected stories of PKD - The days of Perky Pat
The collected stories of PKD - The father-thing
The complete short stories (part 2)
The crime and the glory of Commander Suzdal
The cube root of uncertainty
The cunning of the beast


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