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12 Monkeys

A bridge of years
A brief history of time
A briefer history of time
A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's court
Across realtime
Across time
A Duckburg dandy in King Arthur's court
Adventure on the Amazon
Afternoon on the Amazon

After world's end
Agent of T.E.R.R.A.

A good night for ghosts
All we Marsmen

A messiah at the end of time or the transformation of Miss Mavis Ming
An age

An alien heat
Ancient greece and the olympics

Annals of the time patrol
Another space - another time
An unearthly Child
Archimede e l'anticipatore temporale
Archimede e l'inversione del tempo
A Rebel in time

A scientific romance

A swiftly tilting planet
A time's odyssey
Automated Alice

A wind in the door
A wrinkle in time
A world out of time

Battle for the planet of the apes
Battle out of time

Bearing an hourglass

Beneath the planet of the apes
Beyond the barrier

Beyond the moon
Bienvenue sur Alflolol
Brave to be a king
Blizzard of the Blue Moon
Brutal and short

Catch the lightning

Catch the star winds

Catweazle and the magic zodiac
Charlie Bone and the time twister
Charlie Bone Universe - Children of the Red King
Child of time

Children of the Red King
Christmas in Camelot

Chronicles of Solace

City at the end of time
City at world's end
Classic Trophy
Conquest of the planet of the apes
Constant fire
Contraband from Otherspace
Cosmic encounter
Counter-clock world

Crosstime Agent

Dawn of the planet of the apes: Firestorm
Day of the Predator


Death is a dream
De Dallas Paradox

Deep sky
Deleted cities of the heart
Destiny's children

Dick Pipp
Dilation effect
Dinosaur beach
Dirk Gently's holistic detective agency
Doctor's orders
Doctor Who and the Dalek invasion of earth
Doctor Who and the Daleks
Doctor Who and the planet of the Daleks
Doctor Who - Death to the Daleks!
Doctor Who in an exciting adventure with the Daleks
Doomsday book

Double Jeopardy
Dr. Futurity

Dr. Who and the destiny of the Daleks
Duel of the wizards

Edge of night

El jardi dels set crepuscles

El mapa del tiempo
El secreto del orfebre

Escape from the planet of the apes
Escape to tomorrow
Eta Beta e la Tv del giorno dopo

Eternity's end
Exiles of time
Explorers into infinity
Extinction event

Farnham's freehold
Fighting madness

Fire and water

Fire in the abyss
First he died
First through time
Flash Gordon and the time trap of Ming XIII

Forever free
Frankenstein unbound
Free live free

From Time to Time

Future sight
Galactic derelict
Gambadilegno e il momento-chiave
Garan the eternal

Gates of Rome
Genghis Don

Genus Homo
George's secret key to the universe

Ghost country

Gibraltar falls
Gold in the sky
Goofy at the court of King Henry
Hawksbill station
Hell's gate

Het geheim van de nitronstralen

He who laughs last
High tide in Hawaii
Hollow city
Hollow world
Hour of the olympics
Hyperion Cantos
Hyperion Cantos
I guardiani di pietra
Il club dei viaggiatori immaginari
Il giardino di cenere

Il labirinto d'ombra
Il maestro di fulmini
Il mondiale scomparso
Il paese di ghiaccio
Immortality, Inc.

Incarnations of immortality
Instructions for living someone else's life
In the courts of the sun 
In the garden of Iden

In viaggio nel tempo
Ivory, and apes, and peacocks
John Grimes: reserve commodore
Journey into terror
Keeping time
Key out of time
Kingdoms of the stars
King of shadows
Kongress futurologiczny
Kronieken van de Tussentijd
La bottega delle mappe dimenticate
La casa ai confini del mondo
La casa degli specchi
La cité des eaux mouvantes
La città nascosta
La collina di hawotack

L'ambassadeurs des ombres
La mort sinueuse
Land of dreams
La pierre sculptèe
La planète des singes
La porta del tempo

La prima chiave
La spirale du temps
Last human

L'astrologue de Bruges
Le cercle d'or

Le cryptomère
Legends from the end of time
Legion of time
Le GM in: fulmini e fulminacci
Le livre du temps

Le matin du monde
L'Empire des mille planètes
Leopard s werschini kilimantscharo

L'ordre des pierres

Le pays sans etoiles
Les armes vivantes
Le sceau de Beselek
Les foudres d'Hypsis
Les maîtres-rêveurs
Les naufragés du Temps
Les oiseaux du maître
Les rois des étoiles

Les seigneurs de la guerre

Les sept pièces
Les spectres d'Inverloch
Lest darkness fall
Le temps incertain
Le temps n'a pas d'odeur

L'Étoile endormie
Library of souls

Lieutenant Mandella: 2020-2203
Lincoln's dreams

L'isola delle maschere
Looking backward 2000-1887

L'orphelin des astres
Lo strano caso di Topo Jekyll e Mister Mike
Lost regiment
L'Univers cannibale



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