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Status: bearbeitet/ergänzt: 31.3.2017 
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100 Cupboards
Alice at 80
Alice's adventures in Wonderland
Alice's adventures in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland
All on a golden afternoon

Archimede e l'anticipatore temporale
A sorcerer's treason
A tall tale

Axe and dragon
Battle hymn
Beyond Wonderland
Bez senki
Bring back yesterday
Cantata 140

Carbon copy
Catch that Zeppelin!
Charlie Bone and the shadow (of Badlock)
Charlie Bone Universe - Children of the Red King
Children of the Red King
Children of the shaman
Chronicles of Amber
Chronicles of Amber
City of flowers
City of masks
City of secrets
City of stars
Danger: Religion!

Dark victory
Dog wizard

Empress Irene
Empress of outer space
Eta Beta e il pianeta congelato
Eye in the sky

Fateful lightning
Flow my tears, the policeman said

Fury from Lilliput
Gods old and dark
Green magic

Grimm fairy tales: Beyond Wonderland
Grimm fairy tales: Return to Wonderland
Gunpowder God
He walked around the horses
His dark materials

Job: a comedy of justice
Kelly Country
Keys to the dimensions
Labirint otrazhenij
Labirint otrazhenij

La casa ai confini del mondo
La pierre de folie
La prison
La singulière destinée de Bouvancourt
Le bâtard
Le grand pays

Little girl lost

L'œil du poisson
Lord Kalvan of Otherwhen
Love is an imaginary number
Lyra's Oxford

Magician of Mars
Martin Mystère

Memory of fire
Mir: Shamanworld

Napoleon disentimed
Nebula alert
North American Confederacy
Northern lights

Of man and Manta
Of man and Manta
Paper hit parade
Paperinik... un eroe dell'altro mondo
Paperino e il tempio delle pere cotte
Paperino e la porta sui mondi
Paperone graffiti
Paratime I II
Philip José Farmer's The Dungeon book
Prince Caspian
Planets in Peril
Police operation

Quantum squeak

Quest for the future
Rabal le guérisseur
Rally cry
Return to Wonderland
Seeing Redd
Sidewise in time

Songs of Earth and power
Space mail
Spherical harmonic
Stephen King's The Dark Tower: The complete concordance
Tales from Wonderland [Vol. 1]
Tales from Wonderland 2 - The Mad Hatter
Tales from Wonderland Volume 3
Temple trouble
Terrible swift sword
The 10th Kingdom
The 13 crimes of science fiction

The amber spyglass
The annotated Alice: Alice's adventures in
Wonderland and through the looking glass
The atrocity archives
The big front yard
The black tower
The bright illusion
The chariots of Ra
The chronicles of Amber
The collected stories of PKD - Second variety
The complete chronicles of Narnia
The crack in space
The chronicles of Narnia

The dark abyss
The Dark Tower
The Dark Tower
The doors of his face, the lamps of his mouth and other stories
The drawing of the three
The echoing worlds

The final battle
The firebird's vengeance
The first chronicles of Amber 
The Gallatin divergence
The glass mountain
The golden compass

The Gunslinger
The Gunslinger

The gunslinger and the dark man
The hidden city
The horse and his boy
The house between the worlds
The hunters of Jundagai
The infinity concerto
Their majesties' bucketeers
The key to Irunium
The lake of fire
The last battle

The last book in the universe
The last continent
The lion, the witch and the wardrobe
The looking glass wars
The looking glass wars
The lost city of Faar 
The magician's nephew

The Malacia tapestry
Them bones
The merchant of death
The Nagasaki vector
The never war

The nick of time
The number of the beast
The oracle and the mountains
The probability broach
The reality bug
The rim of space
The science of Discworld III: Darwin's watch
The serpent mage
The ships of Durostorum
The silent tower
The silicon mage
The slow mutants

The Stainless Steel Rat goes to hell
The subtle knife
The time bender
The Unknown
The usurper's crown
The valley of thunder
The Venus belt
The voyage of the Dawn Treader
The war of the flowers
The waste lands
The way station

The weird colonial boy
The Windrose chronicles
The wind through the keyhole

The winter market
The wizards of Senchuria
The world gates
The world gates 1: Memory of fire
The world gates 2: The wreck of heaven
The world gates 3: Gods old and dark

The worlds of Clifford Simak
The world shuffler
The world-timer
The wreck of heaven
The Xeelee sequence
Thirteen o'clock
Through the looking-glass and what Alice found there
Tip & Tap e l'arcano Hip Hop
Tom Paine Maru
Topolino e il sigillo di Re Artù
Topolino e l'incredibile naniversario
Topolino e lo scettro di Harlech
Union forever
Wizard and glass

Wolves of the Calla
You can count on Count Mickey
Zio Paperone e il predone dimensionale
Zio Paperone e il viaggio da incubo
Zio Paperone e la concorrenza sottomarina
Zio Paperone e la corona di luce
Zio Paperone e la rapina virtuale
Zio Paperone e l'inafferrabile Trizompa

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