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A case of identity
A Confederate Cannae and other scenarios: How the Civil War might have turned out differently
Adjustment team

A good night's sleep can do wonders
A land fit for heroes
Altered pasts: Counterfactuals in history
Alternate orbits
Alvin Journeyman
A Matter of gravity
And the stars remain
A nomad of the time (streams)
A quantum murder
Aristotle and the gun

A secret history - The book of Ash part 1
A stretch of the imagination
A study in sorcery
A tale of three congressmen
A Transatlantic tunnel, hurrah!
Aztec century
Bismarck's empire: stillborn
Bring the jubilee
Brother John
Bruno's shadow

Burning chrome

Carthage ascendant - The book of Ash part 2
China without tears: If Chiang Kai-shek hadn't gambled in 1946
Coda (Pavane)

Conquest denied: The premature death of Alexander the great
Contraband from Otherspace
Corfe Gate

Cry republic
Custer's last jump
Danger: Religion!

D Day fails: Atomic alternatives in Europe
Dracula Cha Cha Cha
Edge of night
Elleander Morning
End of days
Enigma uncracked
Escape to the Wild Wood

France turns the other cheek
Funeral in Berlin: The Cold War turns hot
Furor Teutonicus: The Teutoburg Forest
George Washington's gamble
Gods of riverworld
Greg Mandel
Hall of fame
Hatrack River

Hell is forever
How Hitler could have won the war: The drive for the Middle East
Hush my mouth
If: A Jacobite fantasy
If Archduke Ferdinand had not loved his wife
If it had been discovered in 1930 that Bacon really did write Shakespeare
If Booth had missed Lincoln
If Byron had become King of Greece
If Charles I. had not left Whitehall
If Don John D'Austria had married Mary Queen of Scots
If Drouet's cart had stuck
If Lee had not won the battle of Gettysburg
If Lincoln had not freed the slaves
If Louis XVI. had an atom of firmness
If Napoleon had escaped to America
If Napoleon had won the battle of Waterloo
If only it had not been such a wet summer: The critical decade of the 1520s
If the Emporer Frederick had not had cancer
If the general strike had succeeded
If the holy league hadn't dithered
If the Moors in Spain had won
Infectious alternatives: The plague that saved


In the circle of nowhere
Into the alternate universe
John Grimes - Federation Survey Service
John Grimes: Survey captain
Judgment of tears: Anno Dracula 1959
King and emperor
Les aventures uchroniques d'Oswald Bastable
Letter from the south, two moons west of Nacogdoches
Lightning in the night
Lord Darcy
Lord Darcy investigates
Lords und Ladies
Lost Burgundy - The book of Ash part 4
Lysande Utsikter

Making history
Martin Luther burns at the stake
Mindstar rising
Mirrorshades: The Cyberpunk Anthology
Murder and magic
Napoléon's invasion of North America
Napoleon wins at Waterloo

No bomb, no end
No Finland station
No glory that was greece: The Persians win at

North American Confederacy

Not by a nose
One king's way
Oswald Bastable
Pius XII protests the Holocaust
Pontius Pilate spares Jesus
Prentice Alvin
Prime minister Halifax
Prologue (Pavane)
Red prophet
Red star, winter orbit
Repulse at Hastings, October 14
Rim worlds
Ruler of the world: Napoleon's missed

Rulers of men
Russian hide-and-seek
Service call
Seventh son
Sister ships
Socrates dies at Delium
Some of my best friends are Americans

Spoil of yesterday

Stand alone Stan
Swastika night
Target: Berlin!
Target one

Ten little wizards
The 13 crimes of science fiction
The adjustment bureau
The alteration
The 13 crimes of science fiction
The Alvin Maker Saga
The battle of Dorking: Reminiscences of a volunteer

The best of Philip K. Dick
The bloody Red Baron - Anno Dracula 1918
The book of Ash - A secret history
The boys who saved Australia
The broken cycle
The burning forest
The carnelian cube
The cataclysm
The Chinese discovery of the New World
The collected stories of PKD - Second variety
The collected stories of PKD - The days of Perky Pat
The commodore at sea
The consequences of two defeats
The dark ages made lighter: The consequences of two

The dark design
The dark dimensions
The death that saved Europe: The Mongols turn back
The difference engine
The disappearance
The dragon wakes
The election of Theodore Roosevelt
The eyes have it
The fabulous riverboat
The fall of Frenchy Steiner
The felled star
The Führer in the dock
The fullness of time
The Gallatin divergence
The gate of worlds
The Gernsback continuum
The grand ellipse
The Great War torpedoed
The hammer and the cross
The Hopkins manuscript
The immolation of Hernán Cortes: Tenochtitlán
The Ipswich phial
The iron dream
The kinsolving's planet irregulars
The Lady Anne
The Lady Margaret
The land leviathan
The last article

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